April 8—15, 2024


The last day of timeless experiences is ahead of us

The last day of timeless experiences is ahead of us – 33 film screenings, 3 filmmaker meetings, and a unique concert featuring music from the film EO at the National Philharmonic. We are wrapping up in grand style!

On Festival Monday, we aim to introduce the audience to the works of Stanisław Różewicz: a formalist, an expert on the human soul, a women’s portraitist, a modernist experimenter, and a versatile filmmaker equally comfortable in historical and contemporary storytelling. On the 100th anniversary of Stanislaw Różewicz’s birth, we honor the memory of this outstanding Polish cinema auteur, whose minimalist, contemplative works may seem even more relevant today than at the time of their release. Today’s program features Passion and Westerplatte.

Four outstanding artists will accompany us on the last day of the festival. You are cordially invited to the following meetings:

Timeless and ephemeral cinema. Today on the program a true gem – The Afterlight + Train Again, a film that exists on only one 35mm copy and, when that copy is destroyed, is lost forever. Tonight at 9:00 PM at the Atlantic Cinema, you’ll experience the true magic of classic cinema.

On the last day of the festival, we return to where we started a week ago – the National Philharmonic. At 7:30 PM, we’ll hear the Sinfonia Varsovia under the baton of Michał Klauza, performing award-winning music by prominent composer Paweł Mykietyn for the film EO, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski. Mykietyn’s music complements or contrasts the unforgettable images from EO, combining violin instruments with chilling brass and electronics. The composer’s soundtrack awards include the Cannes Soundtrack Award, the European Film Award for music for a feature-length film, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award.

Tickets for the festival’s final musical event are still available.

As we bid farewell, take a piece of Timeless with you – today, festival merch is available at reduced prices. Find T-shirts, posters, and tote bags at the Festival Center at the entrance to Cinema Muranów.

This is truly the last chance to spend the evening in our Festival Club. We look forward to seeing you at Elementy until 1:00 AM.