April 8—15, 2024



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Timeless Film Festival Warsaw sets into motion cinema classics that in recent years have been relegated to home screenings, but have also begun to regain their former luster thanks to digital restorations. More and more viewers are not only focused on the future of cinema, seeking new revelations, but also delving into its abundant past to uncover captivating gems. Timeless films actively shape the tastes of cinephiles.

Timeless FFW offers a fresh perspective on the history of cinema that is rarely present in public debates. It achieves this by combining curatorial selections with narratives about the films and filmmakers, presented by the organizers: film scholars, critics, and cultural managers. The festival’s concept revolves around rediscovering classics in two distinct ways: showcasing digitally restored films (from copies of the highest quality) that viewers might be familiar with but haven’t seen on the big screen, and introducing new classics into the Polish cultural circuit. In the latter category viewers will find films and artists that haven’t yet been screened in Poland, but are important contributors to the global conversation about cinema.

Classics, however, are more than just masterpieces. Timeless FFW merges fire and water: it presents the canon while also questioning it, showcases esteemed films and negotiates room for emerging filmmakers, as well as establishes a connection between American and global art cinema.

The festival’s program will include retrospectives of outstanding auteurs of Polish and world cinema, documentaries about cinema, a rich representation of genre films, surprising juxtapositions of films and phenomena, sections dedicated to avant-garde and animation artists, alongside one-of-a-kind events such as outdoor showings and screenings in unusual venues, which will transcend the traditional cinematic setting.

The ones that, when viewed at different moments in life, reveal further meanings and stir up new emotions.

The ones that breathe with time of their own and those that transcend the immediate.

The ones that delight with simplicity and those that intimidate with courage.

The ones that gained recognition on the spot and those for which respect has grown with each decade.

The ones we’re always drawn to revisit.

The best stories are timeless.


The originator and founder of the Timeless Film Festival is Roman Gutek, the creator of the Warsaw Film Festival, the New Horizons International Film Festival, the American Film Festival and the founder of the Gutek Film distribution company.

The festival is also made up of: Agnieszka Łęska-Badowska – co-organizer of the Warsaw Film Festival and co-founder of the Echo movie theater chain; Patrycja Mucha – film critic, film scholar and co-creator of the podcast “Wtem, piosenka” dedicated to film musicals; and Sebastian Smolinski – film critic and Americanist, co-host of the podcast “Foreign Correspondents: Deeper into Hitchcock.” From the beginning, the Timeless Film Festival Warsaw has also been supported by Michał Oleszczyk, a script consultant, lecturer at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” at the University of Warsaw, and host of the “SpoilerMaster” podcast.


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