April 8—15, 2024


Meet Timeless Film Festival Warsaw

If you’ve spent the last July comfortably at the New Horizons in Wroclaw, you may have encountered a lady with a fan and an emotional Geneviève with Catherine Deneuve’s face staring at you from the screen, making just that promise: the best stories are timeless.

As the organizers of Timeless Film Festival Warsaw, we wholeheartedly embrace this belief.  We would like to invite you to the first edition of the festival dedicated to film classics, which will be held in Warsaw from April 8-15, 2024.

From the very first rumors and hints, announcements and conversations surrounding our festival, there has been a constant recurring question: what defines a classic? And well: the first installment of Timeless will provide an answer. However, let it be known that we have no intentions of sanctifying established canons, reinforcing ossified distinctions, or exclusively showcasing films hailed as masterpieces. Although the term “classics” may sound like something noble but covered with patina, we believe that we can blow the dust off this notion, set it in motion and show that classics are alive and should not be confined solely to the domain of film historians, but placed in the hands of cinephiles like yourself.

The originator and founder of the festival is Roman Gutek, the creator of the Warsaw Film Festival, the New Horizons International Film Festival, the American Film Festival and the Gutek Film distribution company. The festival’s producer is Agnieszka Łęska-Badowska, co-organizer of the Warsaw Film Festival and co-founder of the Echo Cinema movie theater chain.

Artistic directors of the event are Patrycja Mucha, a film critic, film scholar and co-creator of the “Wtem, piosenka” podcast dedicated to film musicals, and Sebastian Smoliński, a film critic and Americanist, co-host of the “Foreign Correspondents: Deeper into Hitchcock” podcast. Since the beginning, the Timeless Film Festival Warsaw has also been supported by Michał Oleszczyk, a script consultant, lecturer at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” at the University of Warsaw, and host of the “SpoilerMaster” podcast.

We promise that what has so far remained only in the realm of dreams – screenings from restored copies, retrospectives of outstanding filmmakers rarely seen in Poland, and engaging talks about the history of cinema – we will try with all our might to make a reality. Together, we will witness how time runs differently for exceptional films.

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The ones that, when viewed at different moments in life, reveal further meanings and stir up new emotions.

The ones that breathe with time of their own and those that transcend the immediate.

The ones that delight with simplicity and those that intimidate with courage.

The ones that gained recognition on the spot and those for which respect has grown with each decade.

The ones we’re always drawn to revisit.

The best stories are timeless.