April 8—15, 2024


On a powerful note. Timeless Film Festival Warsaw will conclude with a concert featuring Paweł Mykietyn’s compositions for Jerzy Skolimowski’s “Eo”, performed by Sinfonia Varsovia

We started on a high note with a symphony for the festival’s opening that few can match. However, we think we’re up to the task – we’re confident that our closing concert will prove to be a fitting finale to the grand showcase of timeless films. Join us on April 15 at 7:30 p.m. at the Warsaw Philharmonic as the Sinfonia Varsovia performs Paweł Mykietyn’s captivating music for the film Eo, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski, in a live rendition for the first time.

Paweł Mykietyn, known for his compositions spanning operas, symphonic, chamber, vocal, and electronic genres, has been a prolific contributor to the works of theater director Krzysztof Warlikowski. Over the years, he has also crafted musical scores for acclaimed filmmakers such as Andrzej Wajda, Małgorzata Szumowska, and Šarūnas Bartas. His musical creations for the film Eo seamlessly intertwine with the narrative of the donkey’s solitary journey across Poland and Europe, offering a unique perspective from the gentle animal’s point of view. Skolimowski’s piece stands as a masterful exploration, an intimate donkey opera delving into themes of cruelty, indifference, and the universal yearning for goodness. The film, a striking and visually innovative road movie, portrays an eccentric explorer navigating through life’s challenges while seeking warmth, security, and understanding.

Mykietyn’s music supports or counterpoints the unforgettable images from Eo, combining string instruments with chilling wind instruments and electronics. Notably, the soundtrack has earned the composer prestigious accolades, including the Cannes Soundtrack Award, European Film Award, and Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award. Mykietyn spoke about the challenges of crafting the soundscape for Eo during an interview conducted by Rafał Zieliński:

When composing music for a film, I always ask what it’s about, who’s playing, who the character is, and what they’re experiencing. Meanwhile, putting an animal in the role totally changes these optics.

The unique challenge of adopting a non-human perspective led to the creation of unconventional musical textures and enigmatic sounds. These distinctive elements will come to life during a special evening at the National Philharmonic, featuring a live performance by Sinfonia Varsovia, Poland’s leading symphony orchestra renowned for its stellar performances in prestigious concert halls and major festivals. The orchestra has established collaborations with world-renowned conductors and soloists.

During the festival, you will be able to revisit the Oscar-winning Eo.

Pawel Mykietyn’s concert is part of the cinema concerts that will feature the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir performing the symphony for The Passion of Joan of Arc composed by Stefan Wesołowski, Swedish sound artist Ellen Arkbro (organ), Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist Eiko Ishibashi and the GIFT project (dir. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, Japan 2023), cellist Dobrawa Czocher, Dutch lutenist and guitarist Jozef Van Wissem, Belgian composer Wim Mertens (solo concerto for piano and voice), and ensembles XYLOS and Małe Instrumenty. The culmination of these musical events will be screenings of Miloš Forman’s Amadeus, with performances by the Orchestra and Chorus of the Polish National Opera on April 13 and 14, 2024 at the National Opera.

Film concerts will be held at the Grand Theater – National Opera, the National Philharmonic and the POLIN Museum.

Timeless Film Festival Warsaw will be taking place from April 8-15.

February 28, 2024 – Sale of passes and accreditation begins 

March 6, 2024 – Announcement of the complete festival program

March 13, 2024 – Start of online sales of tickets for screenings