April 8—15, 2024


The festival is in full swing!

The festival is in full swing! Here’s what Tuesday has in store: nearly 30 film screenings, an organ concert at the National Philharmonic, an exhibition of Fred Daniels’ photographs at Iluzjon, and an evening at the Elementy Festival Club.

You couldn’t ask for better company for the day: Archers, color whisperers, visionaries. Today we explore the Powell&Pressburger section, where you’ll find titles brimming with momentum, simply meant for the grandeur of the big screen. The legendary Peeping Tom, the epic The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, and The Thief of Baghdad, presented at a double screening alongside the 1924 silent superproduction of the same name.

But don’t let your archery adventure end in the screening room – step into the space of Iluzjon, where we have curated an exhibition of photographs by Fred Daniels, portraitist and one of Powell and Pressburger’s closest collaborators.

Before you immerse yourself in the visuals, we recommend you put on your headphones and delve deeper into the history of The Archers. Our second episode of the Timeless Podcast is dedicated to this iconic duo. Join Sebastian Smoliński, artistic director of TFFW, and Karol Szafraniec, author of the Audio/Wizualny podcast and film educator, as they discuss the rulers of imagination and authors of some of the most beautiful cinematic spectacles of all time.

A true celebration of cinema would not be complete without a birthday tribute. On the 70th anniversary of the iconic Godzilla, we will showcase a remastered 4K version, premiered at this year’s Berlinale. Terrorizing Tokyo, the giant reptile was a triumph of cinematic technique, a brilliant transformation of nuclear fears and a worldwide phenomenon that spawned countless sequels and remakes.

Emotions are still high after yesterday’s opening concert, so we’re staying at the National Philharmonic for another evening. This time, we’re diving into the eerie world of silent horror cinema bathed in deep darkness and fog, with Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage. The mood of the film will be enhanced by a special composition by Swedish minimalist and organ virtuoso Ellen Arkbro. This special concert is the first opportunity in several decades to watch a silent film with live organ music in Warsaw.

When picking up your passes at the festival center or visiting Cinema Muranów, keep your eyes peeled, because it’s not worth missing: festival merch. Take a piece of Timeless Film Festival Warsaw home with you and let the word “timeless” take on a whole new dimension with our blue, gold, and purple on posters, bags, and T-shirts.

During breaks between screenings, take a walk to one of the many venues offering discounts on coffee, lunch, and even books with your TFFW pass!

And when the last screenings wrap up, head over to the Elementy Club, where discussions about cinema might have Wednesday come sooner than you think! PS: Don’t forget to take advantage of discounts with your festival passes at the club.